Your experiences

Posters will provide complements to conference room presentations.
The aim is to show a broad panorama of the situation in Europe and to highlight different experiences.

If you'd like to share a practice related to the symposium's theme, why not publish a poster which will be displayed in the passages at the Quartz. The description of your experience can be supplemented by a first-hand account. Your experience will be included in the proceedings of the symposium published at the end of 2018.

  • How to submit a poster
  • * Pre-register, with no commitment, upon request to
  • * We send you the technical specifications (number of characters, photo definition, etc.)
  • * Texts and illustrations must be sent to us by 20 March
  • * We do the layout.
  • * We send you a galley proof to approve by 20 April
  • * We create the Roll-up poster and install it the day before the symposium
  • * On Friday evening, you'll take your poster home with you
  • Your contribution to production costs: 80€ tax incl. per poster