The four questions asked: "Who?" Why? Where? How? will be illustrated by first-hand accounts from workers with disabilities, presentations by researchers and round tables by professionals from the adapted sector and enterprises, hailing from several European countries.

The symposium topic will be broken down into four themes

Do cultural differences between countries have consequences on how disability is taken into account in the world of work and in public policies?

Why work?
If the postulate is that work can have a social function for valuing / recognition, socialisation and structuring of identity, how could these functions be fulfilled, or not , by other activities?

Where to work?
European overview of workplaces

How to work?
What tools and means:  upstream vocational training, pathways to integration, job coaching/assisted employment, continuous professional training, psychological support, ergonomic support, adjustments and accommodation, and so on.

  • Day 1
  • Thursday June, 21

Alain Blanc
The non-existent, inadequate or insufficient encounter between disability and work.

Dominique Velche
Public policies in Europe in favour of people with disabilities.

Philippe Labbé
The anthropological revolution in our relationship to work.

First-hand accounts from people present and via videos, round table discussions.

  • Day 2
  • Friday June, 22

Alain Vilbrod
Students with disabilities facing the job market

Régine Monti-Tessier
Enterprises, work and disabilities:  foresight 2025

Alberto Alberani
Italian cooperative firms

Marea de Bruijn
Job coaching in The Netherlands

Didier Vinches
Disability synergy

First-hand accounts from people present and via videos, round table discussions.

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