100 years

The objective is to provide a broad overview of the situation in Europe, though a lively and dynamic symposium event. Videos of first-hand accounts will be collected throughout Europe, from people with disabilities, guest-speaker "experts" will be asked to react and posters will complement the conference-room sessions.

Our story


Solidarity with the disabled ex-soldiers of World War I led society to consider people with disabilities differently. This was the period when assistance was replaced by integration though work.


A century later, social demand, various initiatives by non-profit associations and companies and laws have enabled people with various types of disabilities to be able to work and thus express themselves through what they produce, bond and build social ties and be acknowledged and valued as citizens. In order to take time to reflect on the ways and means of professional inclusion in France and in Europe, NGOs in the Finistère region, managers of ESAT Social enterprises and Adapted enterprises, decided to organise a symposium on 21 and 22 June in Brest, working in collaboration with the European NGO ARFIE (Association for Research and Training on Integration in Europe).

The symposium's keywords are:
Pathways, Stereotypes, Skills, Training, Inclusion


Have the most open possible discussion. Reject any form of uniform thinking. Consider that there is not just one solution, but rather answers to be adapted to each person. Ensure that the participants leave this symposium with a fresh way of seeing things, with the desire to explore new avenues.

No longer speak about people with disabilities, but speak with people with disabilities. Give them their rightful place, in keeping with their abilities, in giving speeches, in first-hand accounts, in discussions, in facilitating the symposium, in the logistics and of course, in the audience.