21 & 22 JUNE 2018 at Quartz-Brest
Disabilities and work
European perspectives

Symposium open to all public
Parlement européen
Event under the patronage of the European Parliament

100 years

The objective is to provide a broad overview of the situation in Europe, though a lively and dynamic symposium event. Videos of first-hand accounts will be collected throughout Europe, from people with disabilities, guest-speaker "experts" will be asked to react and posters will complement the conference-room sessions.

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  • Day 1
  • Thursday June, 21

Who? Why?

  • Day 2
  • Friday June, 22

Where? How to?

The four questions asked: "Who?" Why? Where? How? will be illustrated by first-hand accounts from workers with disabilities, presentations by researchers and round tables by professionals from the adapted sector and enterprises, hailing from several European countries.

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Véronique Brunet-Bertineaud

Véronique Brunet-Bertineaud

Coordinator of Aresat Bretagne and the instructor of "different and skilled"

Agnieszka Kołodziejczak

Agnieszka Kołodziejczak

Social businesses project manager at JA TY MY

Romain Schoos

Romain Schoos

Graduate educator in sheltered workshop in APEMH association (Luxembourg)

Magdalena Kolasa

Magdalena Kolasa

Psychologist in the Social Support Association “Me-You-Us”

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The organisers

This symposium is organised by the associations managing Social enterprises (ESAT) or Adapted Enterprises in the Finistère region: Genêts d’Or, Papillons blancs du Finistère, Kan ar Mor, La mutualité 29-56, APF, ADAPT, Sevel Services and ARFIE, federating 57 NGOs in 16 European countries.


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